For years, Capital Pride has ignored the concerns of queer, trans, Black, Latinx, and Two-Spirit communities in D.C. regarding its complicity with entities that harm LGBTQ2S people. Since March 2017, No Justice No Pride has been working to ensure that Capital Pride addresses our concerns, but time and time we have been dismissed.

Even in the current political moment - with the Trump Administration pursuing anti-immigrant, anti-trans, anti-LGBQ2S, anti-women, anti-Black, anti-Muslim, anti-poor, and pro-white supremacist policies - Capital Pride insists on continuing business as usual, ignoring the most marginalized members of our community. We MUST fight back and bring pride back to it's roots.

To this day, Capital Pride is reluctant to make systemic changes that could actually give the power of Pride back to the people whose voices and experiences are most crucial to the fight for our rights today.

In June 2017, No Justice No Pride held a day of action and resistance in an effort to return pride back to its roots as a direct response to state violence, led by visionary, transgender women of color. Together with activists from around the DMV region, we took direct action to disrupt the Capital Pride Parade and make our demands heard. 

Since then, we have working behind the scenes with Capital Pride to address our concerns. 

Stay tuned for updates about the changes Capital Pride has and hasn't made, and what we're doing for 2018 Pride!


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A Transformative Vision of Pride: Our Demands

Capital Pride will honor the legacy of Pride and the trans women of color who inspired it by ensuring that trans women of color play a central role in decision-making processes. Further:

  • Capital Pride's executive board will include a paid position for a trans woman of color with deep connections to DC's trans community. A DC Native is preferred. 
  • Capital Pride will consult and listen to the needs of trans women of color to ensure that Pride is safe and accessible to trans women of color and that it does not erase their historic role in the birth of pride. 

Capital Pride will take a strong position against state violence and end its endorsement of MPD and other law enforcement agencies. This will happen by:

  • No longer allowing MPD or any other law enforcement agency to march in the Pride parade. 
  • Committing to scale back police presence at all Capital Pride events. 
  • Barring from participation in its festivities recruiters from any local, state, and federal law enforcement department or agency. 

Capital Pride will address its neglect of native, indigenous and two-spirit communities. Capital Pride will make this happen by:

  • Creating a paid managerial position within Capital Pride reserved for a native or indigenous leader (Preferably of the Piscataway nation.) 
  • Officially and publicly recognize that Capital Pride takes place on Piscataway land and make a formal commitment to work with indigenous and two spirit communities. 

Capital Pride will commit to restructuring, replacing and expanding its board of directors to represent and center the leadership of historically marginalized* communities. This will happen by:

  • Replacing the executive board with people who are open to feedback, accountable to the community, and representative of marginalized communities. 
  • The executive board will include trans people of color (binary and non-binary inclusive), queer and trans DC natives, queer and trans youth, bisexuals, individuals with disabilities and indigenous and two spirit individuals. 
  • Capital Pride will immediately begin the process of creating a transparent and democratic process for selecting board members. 
  • Capital Pride will create an outreach committee that regularly meets with local trans and queer people of other intersecting marginalized identities
*We use the phrase 'historically marginalized' we to refer to trans people, particularly trans women of color, and LGBTQIA2S people of color, particularly those who are Black, Latinx, indigenous, low income, Muslim, immigrant, disabled, or undocumented.

Capital Pride will bar corporate entities that inflict harm on historically marginalized LGBTQ2S people from participation in Pride events. This will happen by:

  • Barring all industries that profit from war, detention and incarceration, environmental destruction, evictions, community displacement and Israel's oppression of Palestinians from participation in Capital Pride events. 
  • Restricting all corporate branding and signage in future Capital Pride events. 
  • Creating transparent and robust standards for screening corporations that wish to support Capital Pride. 
  • Immediately cutting ties with Wells Fargo, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, Leidos, Northrop Grumman, and any other defense contractors. Transfer Capital Pride funds to an account with a local credit union. 
  • Immediately cut ties with Wells Fargo and defense contractors and donate any and all funds from them to local community based organizations that support queer, trans, two-spirit and Muslim communities. 

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