No Justice No Pride is a collective of organizers and activists from across the District of Columbia. We exist to end the LGBT movement’s complicity with systems of oppression that further marginalize queer and trans individuals. Our members are black, brown, queer, trans, gender nonconforming, bisexual, indigenous, two-spirit, formerly incarcerated, disabled, white allies and together we recognize that there can be no pride for some of us without liberation for all of us.

We Practice the DC Organizing Principles

Talk to Local Organizers!

  • Value the opinion of D.C. organizers and use those opinions to inform decisions about actions in D.C.
  • Check in with and consult local organizers before planning events in our city.
  • Include D.C. organizers in a meaningful way - Bring us into the decision making process.
  • Understand the difference between nationally focused groups based in D.C. versus their local affiliate or a local group working on that issue in the local context.
  • Make the effort to coordinate with locals working on the ground.

Advance Local Organizing!

  • Be aware of the consequences of your actions and decisions - local organizers will deal with the repercussions from the police and other authorities long after you’re gone.
  • Do your best to give support to local organizing - Empowering the local movement is building the movement as a whole.
  • Include locally organized events and actions in your calendar for out-of-town activists.
  • Ask local organizers how a national event can advance their work:
    • Provide a training for their group or speak at their event
    • Ask local organizers to speak at your event to connect local and national struggles
    • Have a strategy session to build relationships and share ideas
    • Add a local action to your mobilization plan
    • Add a local demand to your asks
    • Realize that one-time deals - whether mobilizations or direct service opportunities - have only limited impact when sustained commitment is what is needed to make change.
    • One measure of success for any action held in D.C. should be whether the local organizing on that issue has been advanced in a real way

Don’t Just Use Our City - Strengthen It!

  • Support local businesses by buying tools and resources locally.
  • Hire local organizers, trainers, artists, and activists when you have work in the area.
  • Pay local organizers, trainers, artists, and activists a living wage.
  • Attempt to leave the D.C. activist community stronger than when you came - there will always be a “next action” that will require similar resources, time, and energy provided by locals!